NP FORmula Anti-corrosion lublicant - 1 gal.

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Application areas

NP formula products can be used in any area regardless of operation scale and business specifics. Examples of application areas: mining; chemical, mechanical and metallurgical engineering; power generation; agriculture; aviation; shipbuilding and repaid; transportation; public utilities; repair and restoration of military equipment and weapons; public utilities etc.

  • Prolong the life of metal parts
  • Powerful anticorrosion protection
  • Protects from wear and tear
  • Penetrates into hard-to-reach spots



protects metals and mechanisms against moisture (vapor, humidity, water condensate, splashes, fog, rain, acid rain, chlorinated and salt water); displaces moisture; builds powerful elastic protective coating; protects against breakage of metal and steel mechanisms; significantly increases service life of mechanisms; protects moving parts from corrosion; protects mechanisms against wear and tear; eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt; helps to loosen rust (bolts, screws, etc.); eliminates squeaking; protects scratches and cracks on metal surfaces against corrosion; provides stable operation of equipment in winter season; has high penetration rate; efficient in protection of bearings against humidity; significantly increases service life of moving mechanisms,equipment, and details in adverse condition.


the product provides long-life anticorrosion protection of metals from any kind of moisture. Nanoparticles penetrate into a structure of the applied surface, displace moisture, remove oxides, and prevent corrosion. The product does not lose its properties at the temperature range from -112°F to +320°F. It is harmless on all materials and can penetrate into hard-to-reach spots.

Recommended directions for use:

make sure to shake the can before use. Spray at the distance of 8-12 inches from the surface. After application on the surface, let the nanocoating rest for 10 minutes. If necessary, remove any excess spray. Wait for 24 hours to get the best protection.


  1. Any type moisture that settles on the metal surfaces leads to corrosion and destruction over time. Getting electrical equipment exposed to any type of moisture will lead to current leakage and short circuits which in turn can damage electrical devices.
  2. NP formula penetrates at the molecular level into all the microcracks and uneven parts of the surfaces, creating an invisible protective water- repellent film. NP formula will protect even when applied on wet surfaces and will displace 100% of moisture within 10 seconds.
  3. NP formula products can be applied through aerosol spray system, industrial spray gun system, or parts can be fully submerged in a bath of NP formula product.

Our super product lacks only one thing: a permanent master to serve. So take your part in it and make it perfect!

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