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Interview with organic farmer Dave Bishop

Atlanta, Illinois

Our company is pleased to present you a completely new development which has no analogies in the world, the processing of bulk materials! "ALMAZ" represents a new method of separation that is based on the principles of the stream (jet) technique and aerodynamic flows, which allows the separation of the source material according to its relative density with high preciseness. Our grain cleaner replaces 3 or 4 machines within one technological line, – all of these mechanisms can be now replaced by our machine.


Fusarium Solution. Awesome Grain cleaning machines.

Montana farms

For one processing pass, our machine can clean and allocate seeds by their relative density and divide them into independent fractions. The first fraction consists of heavy impurities (stones and hard substances), the second and third are of seeds with the highest relative density, and the fourth and fifth fractions are of seeds with the lowest relative density.

Awesome Grain cleaning machines

Grain cleaner "Almaz", cleaning barley.

Interview with Mark Seastrand North Dakota
Grain cleaner Almaz cleaning barley

Aflatoxin solution. Seed cleaning plant


Our machines has high technological potential, and is capable of: * - separating the mixture of wheat and barley (up to 60% for one operation); - selecting the peas damaged by bruchus (Bruchus pisorum); - cleaning 100% of the seeds of wheat, barley and other crops from seeds of wild oats (Avéna fátua); - separating rotten corn from healthy corn (dry); - separating grain in the air flow while simultaneously drying the seeds (up to 2% per passing); - selecting from the row crop the most viable (biological valuable) and productive grains; - raising the class of grain mass (selecting feed fraction and increasing the quality level of the grain); * - working as a grout separator on the grouts-mills. * - after our separator treatment, seeds germinate simultaneously by 99% Our equipment is unique and has a patent!

Aflatoxin solution. Seed cleaning plant

Grain cleaner "Almaz", cleaning Arcola seeds. Interview South Willmar

Saskatchewan, Canada

Our grain cleaner separate and calibrate any type of cereal (bulk material) based on their density so when the grain affected by Ergot (vomitoxin, aflatoxin, Fusarium) that grain losing its normal density and separates to a dockage section.

Grain cleaner Almaz

Grain cleaner "Almaz", cleaning wheat.

Interview-demo with Rex Gab, South Dakota.

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ALMAZ GRAIN CLEANER. Top Most Agricultural Technology Inventions.

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Grain cleaner "Almaz", demo-cleaning rice for milling company of Texas

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How to set up "Almaz" grain cleaner at the first time before starting to use it?

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