Grain cleaner MC-100/70

The food grain
processing capacity
100tons/ hour
The seeds processing
70tons/ hour
Weight 3197 lb 1450 kg Motor power 2x25 hp

additional options for MC-100/70

  • Dust collector
  • Bunker for grain
  • Underframe
  • Grain drains

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information about GRAIN CLEANER MC-100/70

Multifunctional model for large sized farms, grain processing facilities and elevators.

Almaz Grain Cleaner MC-100/70 is a powerful new generation grain cleaner that has been designed based on the unique patented aerodynamic cleaning technology. It cleans and calibrates any type of loose crops like cereals, legumes, oilseed etc. The separator cleans, dries, and calibrates grain without damaging it which allows to produce high-quality product for sowing with maximum germination capability of up to 99%.

Almaz MC-100/70 is a highlight in the Almaz separator product line. Just in one cleaning, the machine is able to perform preliminary, primary, secondary cleaning while simultaneously performing calibration. Thus, MC-100/70 model can replace the whole line of machines that used to be needed to perform cleaning, drying, and calibration of various crops. It can detect and pick out the grain that has been pests effected, or damaged by fusarium, aflatoxin, vomitoxin etc. By separating the damaged grain from the good grain, it can be assured that good grain won’t get infected or spoiled.

MC-100/70 Grain Cleaner can be installed at any location where there is an access to three-phase alternating power of 460 V that will be required for connection of the machine. The separator’s dimension is 91.14 inch x 99.61 inch x 109.1 inch (231.5 cm x 250 cm x 277 cm).

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Effective and high-performance machine

Almaz MC-100/70 Grain Cleaner differs from other machines by its high performance. It is able to process up to 3,670 bushels (100 tons) of marketable wheat product per hour and up to 2,569 bushels (70 tons) of product for sowing. The preset power of the machine is at 37.25 kW.

The Grain Cleaner does not require any kind of costly specialized maintenance. It is simple to operate and eliminates the need of sieves, their costly repairs and replacement. In addition, there is no need to clean the machine after each individual type of product gets processed. Almaz MC-100/70 Grain Cleaner is a powerful and high-performance machine that is ideal choice for any type of large sized agricultural/farm enterprise.

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