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Grain Cleaner TM is determined to offer the best, universal solution to grain cleaning, applying the most innovative technology to provide farmers worldwide with the best possible service and expertise in the business.

We strive to provide affordable, efficient and low maintenance technology for all agricultural applications. Whether you are a small scale organic farmer with a modest budget, or a multiple site, expansive commercial operation, we have the machine for you and your budget. We can assess your needs and current infrastructure and recommend products to complement your crop and set up.

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Almaz manufactures the best grain cleaners in the world for all types of grain. To buy a grain cleaner for your farm or business in the USA, Canada or Mexico is very simple, contact us via E-mail: info@graincleaner.com or call: 1 800 272 2045.Which will help you improve crop yields and get a great come.

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ALMAZ GRAIN CLEANER. Top Most Agricultural Technology Inventions.

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Grain cleaner "Almaz", demo-cleaning rice for milling company of Texas

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How to set up "Almaz" grain cleaner at the first time before starting to use it?

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